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Male to Female Body Massage

Now a days there are many males are used to provide male to female body massaging services and couple`s massage services without having any proper knowledge about how woman`s body works and what he needs to follow technic for fulfill and stimulate woman`s physical and mental bodies by using fingertips, palms and hands.

Also, need to have supper knowledge about balancing and increase level of hormone which are mostly helpful to have relaxation to physical and mantel bodies. In this case Mr. Massage Male therapist in Sri Lanka comes up to you with supper knowledge and good educational level with experience of working with VIP level ladies and couples to provide power to relax in day to day busy life.

Foot Massage for Ladies Sri Lanka


Today ladies are very busy. they have many works to do in their day to day life than men. Men have limited works to do in their life. But women have unlimited works to do. So, women need to have body massage than men.

Women tend to carry and deal with more stress due to domestic duties and emotional labor and women are twice as likely to suffer from stress and anxiety than men. Women juggle so much and take on many roles such as being mothers, homemakers, breadwinners and caretakers. Women also have so many different arenas in which we compete: how women look, their friendships, the work they produce. It often feels like there are so many different ways women can fail. This can lead to self-doubt and low self-esteem which can cause added stress!

One way you can de-stress and relax is by having regular massages. There is no doubt that massage can feel amazing but did you know there are also a lot of health benefits to massage?

Massage can combat stress and anxiety

Studies have shown that massages can increase blood flow to areas of the brain that associate with mood and stress regulation. A study showed that after a massage treatment, people’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped by 31 percent while happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine were boosted by 30 percent!

Massage can improve posture and realign body imbalances

Massage can help loosen tight muscles that may be locked into painful positions and it also encourages the body to find better posture. Massage can relax and loosen the muscles that may be made sore by poor postures. Massage allows your body to position itself in its natural-and pain-free-posture.

Boost Immune System

Research has found that regular massage can give your immune system a helping hand by increasing the productive of disease-fighting white blood cells.

If you are ready for a relaxing experience, give us a call. Mr. Massage Male Therapist in Sri Lanka is a best massage therapist for women, is here to serve you!           Mr. Massage is passionate about massage and his clients. He loves making each person feel relaxed and pampered. Mr. Massage is all about connecting with his  clients to offer individual massage services that meet each individual’s needs. He understands each person is different and unique, but he enjoys the challenge of making each client feel special. Mr. Massage specializes in Stress release massage, sensual massage, erotic massage and beauty massage. 



Full body massage by a Mr. Massage who is best professional male therapist in Sri Lanka helps your heart stays healthy and youthful in this hectic routine of yours. As per the scientists, one gets enormous number of benefits from body massage. Benefits such as relief from anxiety, post-operative recovery, insomnia and other conditions.

At Mr. Massage, while experiencing male to female body massage in Sri Lanka protects your privacy. In this quality services you don`t have to worry about your privacy. The relaxing songs makes you ignore the outside world pressure and allow your body to recover. In the Mr.Massage male therapist services of body massagers in Sri Lanka offers you a genuine massage experience for both women and men. Their main focus is to get back the body’s natural balance and make your mind full of peace through experienced massage tactics. Final aim is taken off your stress in busy life.


Mr. Massage Male Therapist in Sri Lanka works with the belief of proffering our customers the power of pleasure for their health and keeping them fit. Keeping in mind the pleasure you want to get we have our sanctuary developed for you.

Full body massage by Mr. Massage Male Therapist in Sri Lanka is known as the best way to let go off your issues completely. Mr. Massage Male Therapist in Sri Lanka accepts the fact everyone in this world is busy in their own life. So, they require professional male to female body massagers in Sri Lanka and as per everyone’s needs, we have designed our massage services. If you are really looking for some excitement in your life and want to feel relax fix an appointment with us soon.


Once booking an appointment with us and availing the massage services you will be able to feel stress free from your lifestyle. Mr. Massage Male Therapist in Sri Lanka is a graceful heaven with extraordinary design. Our attractive atmosphere will help you tuck far away from high energy of daily life and our services will not just cure your outer body but will make you feel light like a feather from your inner body.

We are ready to provide you an organic relaxing experience and tend to smoothen your health, wellness and beauty needs with our professionalism, commitment, care and value.

You can consider Mr. Massage Male Therapist as a complete stopping place for all your massage needs.From best ambiance, top notch services, to experienced massagers we are all set to fill your soul with relaxation and provide you an ultimate pleasure with our female body massage service by professional male therapist.

What are the benefits of a male to a female massage?


Generally, a male takes care of the female more than the female takes care of the female. The same is applicable in the case of male to female massage as well.

Wide range of pressure
When a male does the massage, you can ask for a wider range of pressure (mild to hard) based on your needs..
High satisfaction
Normally, the opposite gender attracts each other. Same way, you get more (mental) satisfaction when the opposite gender massages your body
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